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Our teaching and non-teaching staff are here to help. To reach a member of our team call 905-427-3327

Name Grade/Position Phone Extension
Manuela Michelin Principal 53200
Rick MacInnis Vice-Principal 52300
Arlene Wyse Secretary 53200
Tracey Leroux Kindergarten Teacher 40916
Dara Paglia Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator  
Margaret Calderone Kindergarten Teacher 42275
Sister Cristina Acosta Kindergarten Early Childhood Educator  
Mary Anne Rekuta Kindergarten Teacher 40926
Amy Butland Grade 1/2 Teacher 40917
Ashling Casey Grade 2/3 Teacher  
Andrea Czako Grade 3/4 Teacher  
Marlon John Grade 4/5 Teacher 40919
Paula Canapini Grade 5/6 Teacher 40931
Catherine Beattie Grade 7 Teacher 40918
Jake Frech Grade 8 Teacher 40925
Nathalie Irwin Grade 1 Teacher (French Immersion) 40927
Sarah Burchat Grade 1/2 Teacher (French Immersion) 40929
Sara Lafontaine Grade 2 Teacher (French Immersion) 40923
Lyne Jemmott Grade 7 Teacher (French Immerson) 41082
Tiffany Cancian Grade 3 Teacher (French Immersion)  
Bogdan Mates Grade 4 Teacher (French Immersion) 40920
Nicole Bauer Grade 5 Teacher (French Immersion) 40175
Paul Longo Grade 6 Teacher (French Immersion) 40915
Lesley Clapp Learning Commons, Kindergarten Curriculum Coverage Teacher  
Josée Belair French Immersion Curriculum Coverage Teacher 41818
May Korkmaz French Immersion Curriculum Coverage 41810
Ed Canning Program Support 53205
Peggy Coates Educational Assistant  
Megan MacDougall Educational Assistant  
Joe Vermulst Educational Assistant  
Rhonda Whelton Core French 40924
Joe Caruso ESL/ELD Consultant 41040
Sean Vegter Chief Custodian 53207
Randy Vandenberg Custodian  

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