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 We have our weekly writing that is due every other Friday in French.

 We are working on writing poetry and biographies.


1. evaluate the social and environmental impacts of the use and disposal of pure substances and mixtures;

2. investigate the properties and applications of pure substances and mixtures;

3. demonstrate an understanding of the properties of pure substances and mixtures, and describe these characteristics using the particle theory


 We will do Geography in Term 1 and History in Term 2


A1. Application: analyse aspects of the experiences of various groups and communities, including First Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities, in Canada between 1713 and 1800, and compare them to the lives of people in present-day Canada (FOCUS ON: Continuity and Change; Historical Perspective)

A2. Inquiry: use the historical inquiry process to investigate perspectives of different groups and communities, including First Nations, Métis, and/or Inuit communities, on some significant events, developments, and/or issues related to the shift in power in colonial Canada from France to Britain (FOCUS ON: Historical Significance; Historical Perspective)

A3. Understanding Historical Context: describe various significant people, events, and developments, including treaties, in Canada between 1713 and 1800, and explain their impact (FOCUS ON: Historical Significance; Cause and Consequence)

 Weekly Writing
 Link to Weekly Writing Document
 Important Dates

September 3rd, classes start

September 28th, Orange Shirt Day

October 5th, PJ Day (for the whole school)

October 8th, Thanksgiving

October 10th, science quiz

October 11th, Health Quiz

October 22, PA Day

November 16, PA Day

December 21, last day of school before Christmas

January 7, Welcome Back

January 18, PA Day

February 4, Report Go Hom

February 7, Black History Month Assembly

February 14, Valentine's Day and Wellness Day

February 15, Mass

February 18, Family Day -- no school

February 21, Scientist in the School

February 27, Pink Shirt Day

March 6th, Ash Wednesday

March 21st, Career Fair

April 2nd, World Autism Day

April 19th, Good Friday

April 21st, Easter

April 22nd, Easter Monday and Earth Day

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Bescherelle online -- to conjugate verbs --

Larousse online -- French Dictionary --

Bon Patron -- online grammar and spelling checker --


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