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St. James Catholic School Grade 8 class.

Our educators provide parents and guardians with information on what's happening in their classrooms. Find your class webpage below.

Name Grade
Tracey Leroux and Dara Paglia Kindergarten
Mary Anne Rekuta and Sister Christina Kindergarten
Marion Brayiannis


Amy Butland Grade 1/2
Danielle Jennings  Grade 2/3
Sarah Burchat Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Nathalie Irwin Grade 1 (French Immersion)
Natalie Gouin Grade 2 (French Immersion)
Sara Lafountaine

Grade 2/3 (French Immersion)

Paul Longo Grade 3 (French Immersion)
Joanna Tellis  Grade 3/4 

Bogdan Mates

Grade 4 (French Immersion)

Marlon John Grade 4/5
Paula Canapini Grade 6

Catherine Beattie

Grade 7

Jake Frech

Grade 8
Peggy Coates 
Megan MacDougal
Susan Brazier     
Educational Assistants
Rhonda Whelton   Core French

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